October 11, 2023

Binders!! Binders Filled with Monsters


Today marks the unveiling of our innovative Binders feature, bridging the gap between your MONMONMON collection and the digital realm. By connecting your Phantom wallet, dive into a visual journey where you can now explore the full spectrum of your digital cards, front to back, and delve into the rich attributes that make each MONMONMON uniquely yours.

Binders here


ğŸŽ´ Uncover Every Detail: Flip your MONMONMON cards to unveil the rich attributes on the back, bringing you closer to your digital collection like never before.

💼 Your Digital Binder: Just like the cherished card binders of old, organize and flip through your MONMONMON collection with a sense of nostalgia, paired with modern digital flair.

🔗 Effortless Phantom Wallet Connection: A smooth, seamless connection between your Phantom wallet and MONMONMON, unlocking a doorway to your digital treasures.

🔍 Engage with Your Collection: Take a closer look at the attributes that define each MONMONMON, fostering a deeper connection with your digital companions.


Binders offer a fresh, engaging way to interact with your MONMONMON collection. No longer just static images, your digital cards come to life as you flip through pages, uncovering the stories and attributes behind each unique MONMONMON. The seamless integration with Phantom wallet ensures your collection is always accessible, ready to be explored and showcased.