June 10, 2024

Prototyping?? Printing??

Hey there. It has been a minute.

We've been sitting here thinking about how much we love these cards. So, we've got the game back online and we've added a version of the game where you don't even need a wallet to play. This allows us to bring some newbs to the game and work out some thoughts about gameplay.


It isn't perfect, but definitely plenty of fun if you are a little kid. With that in mind, we are continuing to work and prototype a version of a physical card game.

We have been playing. Dreaming. And pricing out how much it would cost to print out 500 packs.

We also have been thinking about how to pay for this? This project wasn't about revenue to begin with. It was about exposure for the genius Peelander Yellow and to test the breadth of generative art on Solana.

So, the card game version. We are thinking about a pack with 56 printed cards. 10 emotion cards. 46 monmonmon cards. One temp monmonmon tattoo card. We are thinking about using and selling NFT versions of the physical cards and making them available for .58 SOL. Those monmonmon NFTs will be the ones actually printed and this will help defer the costs of the print. There are only 46 of them so we will send those owners a pack of cards as well (still need to work out logistics on this part.)

The individual cards will have two sides. One side will be the same monmonmon layout as the NFT. You'll see the rating. The name. And the beautiful monmonmon. On the back we'll have the complete breakdown of the ratings by emotion. The cards will be small enough for little hands and down the line we will sell expansion packs and have some additional game play ideas (suits, additional powers, etc.)

In the meantime, enjoy playing the digital version. We don't have pack claims anymore, but we are working through ways to make them available again. SPONSORS WELCOME. :)