The game is here and live. It's a cross between solitaire, Texas Hold 'Em, and Uno. We have two ways to play. One by just clicking the Play for Fun link below and the other by connecting your Phantom wallet to play with NFTs in your wallet. If you don't know what that means, no worry, click the Play for Fun link below and enjoy the game.


To play the game, start by shuffling the "Positive Feelings" deck, which reveals a specific attribute of kindness like "hug," "smile," or "share" that will be the focus of the round. Next, you and a randomly selected monster opponent will each present a card from your respective decks. Compare the attribute of kindness highlighted for that round on both cards. The one with the higher attribute score wins the round. The first to win three out of five rounds emerges victorious, proving that kindness is the ultimate strength.


Connect your Phantom wallet above if you own MONMONMON